A sprawling post-apocalyptic tale that sucks your mind like the monstrous “Johns” that stalk its pages. A powerful and assured voice.
— Rjurik Davidson, author of 'Unwrapped Sky'.

It took just two weeks for the world to end. Those who survived fled underground to build a new life, while otherworldly clean up crews prowled the surface, looking for stragglers.

Over generations, mankind adapted. She kept quiet, kept her animals quiet. She abandoned sound, made talk with her hands. She changed her weapons, her way of killing.

She stayed underground like the rabbit, acting like the prey. Noise brought death.

The city of Recondite is struggling with a population already too large to sustain. Its Custodian must find a new home for half the denizens. But inside the city itself, people are disappearing.

The thing mankind fears most is on the surface. But to survive the threat inside, the city has to do what it has been taught not to for generations.

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A twister and Tiller’s blood was how the season chose to end this year. End of February. Not too cold. Not too much rain. Just bloody.
— Tallwood


Smash Dragons: "Tallwood is one of the most unique books I've ever read. It is also one of the best post apocalyptic stories I've come across in recent years. Combining a strange and incredibly enchanting universe with authentic and exciting characterisation and action, Tallwood is storytelling at its absolute finest. A must read for fans of speculative fiction everywhere!" ~ Matthew Summers

Amazon: "Amanda Kool's Tallwood is really quite an accomplishment. I was initially struck by two things: firstly, the originality of the ideas. Secondly, the strength, individuality, and flat-out assuredness of the writing itself. This is so clearly the work of someone who has been writing for a long time, because they've been having amazing ideas for a long time. Both of these aspects are well polished, yet utterly true to themselves" ~ Paul Rasche

Goodreads: "If you enjoy dystopian/ post-apocalyptic books, you really don't want to pass this one up. I'd re-read this over Wool or Hunger Games any day of the week. It truly was unique and incredible..."