The path led them out to about 30 feet of lush, green grass. And then everything stopped. The grass. The world.

This is a story about faith. Not religious faith, but the faith to believe in something so much that you're willing to let someone shoot you in the head for it.

Angus Lehane witnesses the shooting death of his wife, Zoë, in a crime that shakes a small island fishing community. As the weeks pass and Angus tries to come to terms with his loss, a man named Danny tells him his wife is not dead. She was sent 'somewhere else' by the weapon that killed her. Danny knows how Angus can get her back.

One catch; Angus must get shot by the same gun. Shot dead.

Danny is looking for his brother, also shot by this mysterious weapon. He will do anything to get him back – except go himself. When a person returns from this other place, they do not come back the same as they were and that is something Danny cannot risk.

But things don't go to plan and shots are fired into a dark night.

Three complete strangers wake in a strange, mist-filled land with empty houses, tiny silver bells on the walls, and wires stretching from one "island" to the next across great seas of fog.

Danny's brother and Angus' wife are here somewhere, amid the clustered communities and the defended strongholds.

Three total strangers have to work together to navigate the new world or die trying.

And the new world has its own monsters.