Snapshotted for 2016 - Interview by David McDonald

Well this was a surprise - and a delightful effort to be a part of.

The Australian Speculative Fiction 'snapshot' project has been around since 2005. Started by Ben Peek, it showcases Australian Spec Fic authors in a now-two-week sprint designed to interview and celebrate its subjects. It has taken place five times in the past 11 years.

A team of interviewers reach out across the interwebs and ask tailored questions, which we, the subjects, struggle to answer without sounding too precious, pretentious, or predictable - or alliterative ;) 

I had a blast answering mine, asked by the lovely David McDonald (look at all the people he interviewed!)

I have no idea how he found me. And he's not telling :) 

Matthew Summers, reviewer, blogger, writer, editor, and general crazy person, was also snapshotted this year and gave me a massive shout-out. Much gratitude to him :)